Alternatives to Child Care & Infant Care Centres

Alternatives to Child Care & Infant Care Centres

Enrolling your child in an infant care or childcare center tends to be the most cost-effective solution for child care, especially if you hold a full-time job and find it consistently challenging to be present to care for your child during weekdays. While the expenses associated with childcare enrollment may not be considered low, it can still prove more budget-friendly compared to hiring a babysitter or nanny for an equivalent amount of time, especially once your child surpasses the infant stage, typically around 18 months of age.
However, what if these alternatives are not accessible to you? Below, we explore some alternatives to infant care and childcare centers:


Babysitters can come from diverse backgrounds, encompassing a wide range of age and experience levels. Some possess extensive expertise, while others are students seeking to earn some extra income. Babysitters can be arranged in advance or hired on a flexible, as-needed basis. In certain cases, they may even be willing to travel to your location. When entrusting the care of a young infant to a babysitter, it's essential to inquire about their specific experience with infants, including their proficiency in handling breastfeeding, bottle sterilization, and diaper care. You can find babysitters through agencies or by seeking recommendations from your social network. If you plan to have the babysitter at your home, it's advisable to engage their services while you're present initially, only leaving them alone with your child once you're confident in their trustworthiness. Prices range from S$700 a month for 10-12 hours a day, 5 days a week, and S$25-S$50 hourly.


A nanny tends to take on a more extensive role, often assisting with household chores and sometimes staying overnight, instead of a babysitter whose primary duties are purely baby care.
If you're tired of being awakened during the night or need someone who can lend a hand with household tasks alongside caring for your baby, you might consider hiring a nanny. Typically, nannies are experienced older women capable of helping with tasks beyond just looking after the child, including cooking and cleaning. It's crucial to clearly define the scope of their responsibilities before hiring to prevent misunderstandings.
Many avenues for finding regular babysitters are also applicable to locating nannies or amahs. Certain qualifications can provide an indication of their expertise, such as the Association for Early Childhood Educators (AECES) or Adventlinks-SAUC Education Centre certifications. Additionally, there are confinement nanny qualifications from programs like the Wings-KKH Confinement Nanny Training Programme and Thomson Medical Centre, which are WDA-approved. It's worth noting that some older nannies may lack these formal qualifications but compensate with extensive experience.
Price ranges for nannies typically span from $750 for daytime care (inclusive of food costs) to $1,500 for overnight or live-in arrangements. Resourceful searching may also uncover unmarried older Chinese women willing to serve as live-in helpers for around $700 per month, so it's advisable to inquire within your network and explore various options.
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